The UX Team of One

As a current team of one I can really relate to this read by Leah Buley. This is one of my favorite all-around UX reads right now and I find myself referencing it often, it has really kept me motivated while working by myself.. This is a great read, whether you are actually a team of one or working with a larger group. Buley covers many techniques and offers invaluable advice for getting buy-in and useful information from stakeholders. I also love purchasing books directly from Rosenfield Media as they include all digital formats of every book you buy which has been fantastic while traveling.

Working as a lone designer has presented many new challenges and has been a great learning experience for me. With the help of study materials and support from my managers I have learned to effectively seek and organize the information I need to begin a project, analyze/prioritize projects from a business and design perspective, and how to show the value of design-thinking and bringing user experience on board early on. Working alone has given me the opportunity to dive into every facet of user experience including user research, prototyping, strategy, and of course, design. I’m very fortunate for the opportunity to develop a broader range of UX skills, but do look forward to working with a team again at some point :).

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