Soundrobin App

The Problem:

Building party playlists is very time consuming and sometimes its difficult to choose the right genre for the group.

Soundrobin Mockup

The Solution:

Our dev team discovered that Spotify’s API offered a way for other users to access premium account features from outside of the app as long as one user was logged into a premium account.

Soundrobin is designed to integrate with a host’s Spotify premium account and allows guests to build a collaborative playlist from one premium account. The playlist allows users to upvote and down vote songs, the song with the highest votes plays next.

Playlists hosts will invite party guests to add music and vote for songs.

The Team (3E Development):

Daniel: Founder, Business Deveopment, Marketing, Stakeholder

Andrew: Lead Developer

Me: Brand Identity, UX/UI Design


The Users:

  • Young Adults
    • College Students, Young Professionals, Male and Female, Age Ranges 18-35
  • Fitness Instructors
    • Cycle Trainers, Zumba Instructors, Primarily Female, Age Ranges 20-40

The Process:

I worked with the 3E team to create a brand identity for the application and provided UX consultation. The process for creating Soundrobin began by developing personas and identifying workflows based on user and target market research. Throughout the design process, we often referred to the iOS guidelines to ensure Soundrobin followed Apple standards and would provide a low-learning curve for new users.

Soundrobin Logo

We worked in a fairly lean process to get designs out quickly and develop prototypes to use for testing. Once designs were finalized from the wireframing stage, I created hi-fidelity mockups and assets such as icons, control styles and color palettes.

A light theme was originally implemented, but when observed in a social, party setting we noticed that the light theme was quite distracting in the low-light environments. We also designed an Apple TV app that would integrate with the mobile application and display more information to provide more of a social or gamified aspect to the service. We closely followed the Apple TV design guidelines to make the application easy to navigate and consistent.

Soundrobin Wireframes

Soundrobin TV


A beta testing party was set up and allowed us to conduct usability tests, gather feedback, and test app performance. We set up a running retrospective board at the party and encouraged guests to participate by adding notes, feedback, and feature requests to the board. During our beta testing party, we noticed something beautiful develop among the participants that was somewhat un-expected or un-intentional. The application helped party-goers that had never met socialize with one another by providing friendly competition with song plays and displaying common interests in music taste.

We also hosted a beta launch party at the Lazy Lizard during SXSW in Austin, TX. Guests popped in and out of the bar, would add music, and wait to hear their songs being played. The bar owner was happy that they saved money by not needing a DJ and guests were excited when their songs were played.


Design Implications:

The beta launch party in Austin was eye opening for our team. We realized that the barrier to entry was quite high for joining a playlist, especially once users have had a few drinks at a party or bar.

We have taken a slight break from the app, but have future plans of improving the invite and join experience and plan on tying playlists to events in other applications such as facebook.

Soundrobin is now available on the App Store, evolving and improving with every update.