Prototyping in Flinto

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We have been looking into different prototyping tools for our team, but have been using Flinto for about a year now so I wanted to share some thoughts on it.


  • The UI is fairly straight forward, especially if you are used to working in Sketch
  • It’s fairly easy to build out behaviors and micro-interactions
  • You can download the Flinto app for iOS to view prototypes on devices
  • You can add horizontal scroll and animations
  • You can record and save .mp4s and .gifs
  • Support is very responsive and resolves issues quickly
  • Easy integration with Sketch


  • The app is still a little buggy
  • The mobile app for reviewing prototypes only works well in iOS
  • The mobile app doesn’t provide screen recordings
  • Exporting files can take a pretty long time

I’m working with a trial now and am excited to share my thoughts on that, they seem to offer a lot really useful features such as integration with Lookback and screen recording.

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