The Problem: 

It is difficult for high school athletes to gain exposure with college scouts. Student athletes and parents also have difficulty recording, comparing, and tracking progress at combine events.

The Team:

Akil: Stakeholder (founder), Business Development, and Marketing

Jackie: Branding and Visual Design

Dylan: Graphic Design and Marketing

Me: Lead UX and Visual Design

The Solution:

LDRDBRD allows students to create athletic profiles, record and measure combine events, share results, and compare athletes. College scouts can easily network with top high school athletes and quickly fill open slots on teams.

The Users:

  • Student Athletes
    • High school ages 14-18, predominately male
    • Football players
    • Main tasks are to share results, compare stats, and edit recordings
  • Parents of Athletes
    • Ages range from about 35-65
    • Main tasks are to record student, share, compare stats, and edit recordings
  • College Scouts
    • Ages range from about 30-65
    • Main tasks are to compare stats, network with athletes, browse athlete feed

Design and Technology:

We wanted this application to feel trendy for the teenage demographic so we chose bright gradients and colors that aren’t team or school specific. We also plan on using augmented reality to place markers for specific events and help with tracking time or measuring distance. The app also had to provide a simple way for students or parents to make professional looking videos with chyrons that could be shared through the platform or social media profiles.


The team was small and worked remotely so we had a limited budget for user research. We weren’t able to validate ideas with¬† interviews, contextual inquiries, or even usability tests. However, we were able to follow iOS UI guidelines as this was a native iOS app and were able to work closely with subject matter experts to determine whether or not we were on the right path.

My Role and Responsibilities:

I worked as a consultant and lead UX designer for this project. I facilitated communication with the visual designer and worked with assets she produced to build high-fidelity mockups and prototypes. I was responsible for the organization of information and interactions within the application.