The Project:

Būnibox is a selfie booth service providing a back lit booth and iPad application to take animated and static selfies. The photos may then be sent to a user’s phone via text message and shared to various social media applications. Būnibox allows clients to design custom booths and photo overlays for consumers to share, showing friends and connections that they have attended and enjoyed an event.

The Team:

Daniel: Stakeholder (founder), Business Development, and Marketing

Andrew: Developer

Me: UX and Visual Design


  • We had a very short time frame to produce an app and hardware design to hold the iPad.
  •  Hidden screen gestures that were easy to remember needed to be implemented for an admin to access the internal side of the application at any time.
  • Lighting was unpredictable at events so we needed a way to ensure quality lighting for every photo.
  • Groups of users needed the ability to quickly share photos to individual mobile devices.

The Solutions:

  • Because this was an iOS specific application and the timeline was short, we decided to stick to iOS UI guidelines as close as possible and kept the design very minimal.
  • We implemented a corner to corner pinch gesture for admins to quickly switch modes in the app and exit the photo taking screen.
  • We installed a light ring on the hardware to ensure users had an even light source no matter the environment.
  • We added an interaction to share the photos to multiple mobile phone numbers.

My Role and Responsibilities:

As a consultant for 3E Development, I helped design the overall user experience of Būnibox as well as the visual assets and brand identity. The 3E Development team is small, but highly collaborative and very open to innovation. Our process for Būnibox was fairly lean as we needed to work quickly to get the application developed, it included many sketches, in-person and Slack collaboration, and design QA with development. Because time was limited, our strategy was to adhere to iOS design guidelines as close as possible. This allowed us to create a familiar experience for our users which drastically reduces on-boarding time and provides a low learning curve.