Working with and Lookback

I’ve spent a couple of weeks working with to build out an interactive prototype and conducted mobile usability tests using the Lookback integration. was very simple to use, I was impressed with the power and flexibility the app provides with such a low learning curve…it has many of the same capabilities as Axure without needing if/then statements.

The only problem I have with is that it’s a web app, I would definitely prefer to work locally, but I could get over that. It also imports files from Sketch as images to save space and reduce load times, but it was easy to build components within the app so I chose to do that for most of my prototype. I love that its easy to build out specific controls as containers with different states that can be used later.

Play with the prototype here

Integration with Lookback
(gif above is a glimpse of how Lookback records the mobile screen and user)
Lookback is very impressive, especially for the price. The UI is intuitive and it offers very powerful features such as remote testing with a mobile device with front camera recording and audio, and great commenting and collaboration tools for recordings.

For this project, I was focusing specifically on mobile testing, and while the front camera recording sounds great, it didn’t actually provide much value as most people don’t hold their phones at an appropriate angle to record from that camera (it also happens to be the worst selfie angle ;P). It is a bit difficult to get Android users setup with the recording tool and recording really slows down the prototype which can make testing a little difficult.

Overall, I was pretty happy with both tools and could definitely see myself using them again in the future.