Motivation for Designing Soundrobin

When¬†Three E Development¬†came to me with the concept for Soundrobin I was really excited to get started in designing the app. As a natural introvert, I was intrigued by the social connections Soundrobin could contribute to. For people like me, large social events aren’t always very comfortable, but the app has allowed me to connect with people through music and can provide an ice breaker for starting conversations.

I’m a little camera shy, but hope you enjoy the interview.

My Tools and Workspace

I’m an Apple fan, I love the consistent experience across all devices and the simplicity of the interfaces, but Microsoft may have beaten them to the punch with the Surface Pro 3. I mostly work with the Surface that was given out at the Adobe Max conference in 2014 (nice marketing strategy Microsoft). The surface had some issues at first and still isn’t perfect, but it seems to improve with every update. I haven’t tried the iPad Pro with Pencil yet, but I’m looking forward to trying it out.

I love using the Surface as a sketch tool with Illustrator, Photoshop, and Bamboo, but I also can’t get away from sketching on good old fashioned paper. I almost always carry around my grid lined moleskine or composition notebook with pencils, erasers, a ruler, and a pen just in case an idea comes to mind. The Surface also handles my design programs pretty well such as Axure, Balsamiq, the Adobe CC Suite, and of course Office 2013.

My workspace also wouldn’t be complete without a cat crawling around on my desk or sitting in my lap :).