Thinking Like an App Designer

I’ve been doing some consulting work with a local startup and found this article really great. I’ve done a little bit of mobile work before, but now I’m able to dive into a little deeper and am really enjoying it! I like the fact that they mention designing mobile first and lean UX. I sketch often and make many changes throughout the sketching process and again throughout the wireframe and mockup stages. I think designing for mobile first is also a great way to simplify the application you are creating and helps you get a better understanding of what it is the user really needs to accomplish with your application.

Adobe MAX 2014

I had the privilege of attending Adobe Max last week in Los Angeles and I have to tell you, it was an amazing experience! I don’t do a lot of graphic or visual design in my position anymore, but it was a great feeling to be around so many other designers. The atmosphere was very comfortable and inviting, I believe I made some lasting relationships and networking connections.

My only complaint for Max is that there were not enough UX sessions offered, but they marketed a UX session track; I actually took some sessions just because I saw that UX designers were teaching the courses. However, the general and keynote sessions were fantastic, they had some wonderful speakers there including Satya Nadella who gave everyone a new Surface Pro 3 and Joseph Gordon-Levit! The artists that spoke were so motivating and encouraging and truly made designers feel as if we are a part of something grand.

The bash hosted Kings of Leon which is a band I really love, but I don’t think they were very excited about performing there, but, to be fair, the crowd wasn’t exactly the most enthusiastic either. I love live music, but maybe a DJ would be better since they can play a variety of music, some people just weren’t interested in the band and others were too busy photographing them to enjoy the show.

Should we let a little skeumorphism back into our lives?

There has been so much discussion over flat vs. skeumorphic design and I enjoy the look of both designs with different applications, but I don’t feel that one approach should be the end all be all for anything. I love the clean, sleek lines in flat design, but find myself getting lost in flat UIs on occasion, I lose my place and have nothing to really rest on, but it is so aesthetically pleasing. With skeumorphic design

I love the realistic look, I think it’s beautiful, but at times can look a little cheesy or outdated. I also think that the skeumorphism becomes a visual overload and a hindrance sometimes. If you have an iPhone or iPod just go back and look at the old iOS…I think you will be surprised at how much it bothers you, even if you were against the flatter iOS 7 ;).

I strongly feel that as designers we should strive to come up with new, fresh designs that really merge both approaches, going all flat may not be the best approach everywhere and all skeumorphic may not be either, but if we can marry these two styles I feel that we could produce some amazing, enjoyable UIs and styles.